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Rough-Sawn Tables

The Rembrandt

Table Code: 8538-REM

We are so proud of our newest creation, the Rembrandt Table! This slightly rough-sawn curly cherry beauty has a hand-cut trestle base inspired by the Old World.

The slightly distressed base is an original, hand-cut pattern only found at Madison Table Works! Bob designed the base to cut in exactly where the chair would go, so it offers leg room and is less likely to get damaged when pushing a chair in.

Dimensions: 85" x 38" x 30" ht.
Wood: Solid Curly Cherry


Rough-Sawn Cherry Table
With Walnut Base

Table Code: 6036-RSC-W

The beauty of this smaller table is in the deep, swirling rough-sawn pattern... the more you use it, the better it will look!

The walnut base is a nice contrast to the lighter cherry color, and the size makes this a perfect table for a smaller kitchen.

Dimensions: 60" x 36" x 30" ht.
Wood: Solid Curly Cherry
With Solid Walnut Base


Cherry Trestle

Table Code: 8540-RSCT

The pronounced surface grain of these cherry boards gives this double thickness top an interesting aged appearance.

All of our boards are hand selected and matched to give each top a unique character. Like snowflakes, no two are alike.

Dimensions: 85" x 40" x 30" ht.
Wood: Solid Curly Cherry

but we can make
one for you!

7' Rough-Sawn
Oak Side Table

Table Code: 8416-RSO

The simple rustic look of rough-sawn oak is a welcome addition to any home.

This side table is counter-height, the same height as a regular kitchen counter. It would be perfect in a kitchen for added work space, in a dining room as a buffet, or even in a living room as a sofa table.

Dimensions: 84" 16 1/2" x 36" ht.
Wood: Solid Oak

Special Price: $695

Square Rough-Sawn
Cherry Table

Table Code: 4343-RSC

This square table is the perfect spot for four!

Not too big or too small, this table is a generous 43" on each side, giving everyone plenty of elbow room, but close enough to easily "pass the salt." It would also be a great table for card or board games!

Dimensions: 43" 43" x 30" ht.
Wood: Solid Cherry

but we can make
one for you!

Rough-Sawn Cherry,
Walnut, and Oak Table

Table Code: 6136-RSCWO

This is a little table with a big personality! The multi-colored top is walnut on the outside, oak in the middle, and cherry in-between. It has a walnut base, and can seat six people. The saw blade pattern on this table is subtle in parts and very noticeable in others, especially in the oak.

Because the top is comprised of three different woods, it will match many decors. If you are looking for a truly versatile small table, this is the one for you!

Dimensions: 61" x 36" x 30" ht.
Wood: Solid Cherry, Oak, and Walnut

but we can make
one for you!

Rough-Sawn Cherry
Pedestal Table

Table Code: 54-RSC-P

This Rough-Sawn round table may be simple in design, but the richness of the cherry wood and the unexpected routing at the base of the pedestal make this a fine choice for seating seven people.

We used both the heartwood (the darker, inner part of the tree) and the sapwood (the lighter wood just below the bark) to create a lovely, striped design on the top. This is what people mean when they say, "the beauty is in the details."

Dimensions: 54" diameter x 30" ht.
Wood: Solid Cherry

but we can make
one for you!

9' Rough-Sawn
Oak Side Table

Table Code: 10817-RSO

One solid oak plank makes up the top of this counter-height table, and tall, slender legs accentuate the height.

If additional counter space in your kitchen is what you crave, this table delivers! Being just shy of a foot and a half deep, you can have the work area you need without sacrificing floor space. You could also use it as a side table in any room of the house.

Dimensions: 108" x 17 1/2" x 36" ht.
Wood: Solid Oak

Special Price: $795

Rough-Sawn Cherry
Extension Table

Table Code: 12050-RSCE

This table has a secret identity! Its leaves run sideways and are placed on the ends insetad of the middle, so most days of the year, when the leaves are removed, it looks like a typical, beautiful Rough-Sawn table, seating 8-10 people... but when a special occasion comes around, watch out! Two super-sturdy supports slide out from under the table, the leaves go on, and suddenly, there is room for four more!

The deep, swirling pattern of the Rough-Sawn cherry will mesmerize you and your guests every day of the year, whether you decide to use the leaves or not.

Dimensions: 80" x 50" x 30" ht.>
(120" Long With Extensions - Two 20" Leaves)
Wood: Solid Cherry

but we can make
one for you!

About the Rough-Sawn Tables

Generally three wide boards make up the entire top of these gorgeous rustic tables. The boards are hand-sanded to achieve smoothness but retain the texture of the original circular blade marks, then aligned to create a wave pattern across the top.

Our simple style enhances the rustic nature of the tables. We generally make them in two versions: the trestle style and the 4-legged style. Tabletops come in either a single thickness or double-edge thickness. These wide boards we use are just over 1" thick. To achieve the double thickness, we build a perimeter of wood around the bottom edge in a way that makes the seam nearly invisible. This results in a table top that appears to be 2" thick without the extra weight and significant expense of true 2" thick boards.

All of our tables are finished with a water resistant, heat resistant, tung oil/polymer finish and are designed to disassemble easily for shipping or moving.

Artistic Tables

Curly Oak With
Curly Maple & Lacewood Stripes on a Walnut Base

Table Code: 3642-COML-W

Pull your bar stools up to this striking curly oak, curly maple, & walnut pub height table!

The wood is all natural (no stain), and the curly oak boards have a particularly interesting and beautiful 3-D curl. The walnut base enhances the top with a dramatic contrast.

Dimensions: 36" dia. x 42" ht.
Wood: Curly Oak, Curly Maple, & Lacewood with Walnut Base


Curly Walnut
Live-Edge Table

Table Code: 5526-W

The stunning wood grain of this curly walnut counter-height table seems to shimmer as you walk around it! Cut from one giant, exceptional board, the top consists of both the heartwood and sapwood. The edges were left "live" - hand-sanded, but in the same shape the tree itself grew.

The deep, 3-dimensional grain is present on all parts of this table, not just the top. It is truly a piece of breathtaking functional art.

Dimensions: 55" x 26" x 36" ht.
Wood: Solid Curly Walnut


Solid Cherry Distressed
Plank-Style Table

Table Code: 8440-C

The classic look of this plank-style table is enhanced by visible square-head nails in four rows across the top.

Inspired by the old but beautiful tables in turn-of-the-century farmhouses, it seats 8-10 people, and would be the perfect place for a traditional country breakfast.

Dimensions: 84" x 40 1/2" x 30" ht.
Wood: Solid Cherry


About the Artistic Tables

Artistic Tables combine gorgeous woods in a new and often unexpected way, always focusing on accentuating the natural beauty and character of the wood grains.

We combine different types of wood into one tabletop, alternating them in varying widths. The result is a totally unique and creative look with almost endless possibilities for design.

Some tables are called "artistic" even though they don't use multiple types of wood. This is because of the natural artistry and depth of the boards that we use. Only truly exceptional and unusual wood can make an Artistic Table, and we strive to find only the really special.

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